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  • Hey, Tonya Noga here!                                                                                                                                                                                                              Welcome to my site! Here is a tid bit about me and my music! First of all I am a rocker at heart and a lot of my music sways towards acoustic rock when I am out and about performing songwriters nights. The songs I write are very powerful, energetic, and full of catchy positive motivational hooks that will make you want to sing along. Recently I just released my first EP "Awakening" and my songs took on a whole new light when the band was added.... and the final mix brought out the true rock roots of each of my songs! To say the least I am excited to share my first album with each of you! Currently you can download "Awakening" on ITunes and several other media sites or the CD can be ordered through my store using Pay Pal!.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               My inspiration for creating and performing my music comes from a life long desire that just recently over the past few years had finally come to life. I was Awaken to a side of me that wanted to Dare to Dream and take a chance and do something that I love! Creating music from my soul, life experiences, motivations, and encouragement to know that there is a silver lining and anything is possible!  ~Tonya Noga~

Tonya Noga's first Album ( Ep)"Awakening" is now available on ITunes and many other sites!

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